Pomegranate Red Beet Tart Cherry Juice 12g*15pcs

This red beet extract that contains red beet, pomegranate, and tart cherry is made to conveniently benefit a woman's health. Red beet contains 4 times more iron than celery, 9.9 times more folate than ginger, 2.6 times more potassium than apples, and 2.3 times more dietary fiber than tomatoes. In addition to red beet, pomegranate and tart cherry also contain nutritional content that benefits a woman's health and also adds flavor to the extract. The red beets that are used in this product are organic red beets raised in Germany. Germany's soil is warm and of good quality, which makes it the most perfect place to raise red beets. These organic red beets in high concentration (68 Brix) are in each package of this product, meaning that the nutritional benefits of the ingredients stay perfectly intact while the scent and flavor of red beet are enhanced. In addition to health benefits, each of these extracts is packaged in compact, single-stick packaging for the sake of making it easy to carry and consume. They also come with an easy-cut packaging style which makes them easy to open. Lastly, instead of consuming the extract by itself, there are several ways in which it can be used to consume the nutrients more enjoyably. The extract can be mixed with 50-80 ml of sparkling water to create an ade, added in salad as a salad dressing, or added in yogurt for a sweet-sour flavor. This product is recommended for those with busy schedules who do not have time to take care of themselves.
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