Kombucha [LEMON]


SUNMANC Kombucha is good health starts drinking with your gut. Kombucha is a drink that is good for the body and has been consumed by people for health for a very long time. We made such a kombucha into a stick product in powder form so that you can drink it anytime, anywhere. We added lactic acid bacteria, vitamin C, dietary fiber, and organic fruits to our products to further enhance nutrition. It is good to drink in cold water at 41-68 degrees Fahrenheit, but it is delicious to drink it in warm water. Drink it while working, exercising, studying, or whenever you need to stay hydrated. Kombucha is a good alternative to coffee and soda. I hope you have a healthy day through SUNMANC kombucha.

TASTY FLAVOR: Lemon / ★ Enjoy Kombucha more healthily with the sour and sweet taste of the fruit. Lemon concentrate contained!
MANY BENEFITS: 1 stick is only ★ 15 kcal / Low caffeine (less than 24.6 mg) / Zero sugar and alcohol-free / Contains over 100mg of vitamin C / Contains 12 organic fruits / Contains lactic acid bacteria, fructooligosaccharide, and dietary fiber!
GOOD CONTENTS: Overall health and gut health ★ SUNMANC Kombucha made with green tea from South Korea (Boseong, a region of South Korea famous for green tea) and kombucha culture supplies antioxidants and support overall health and wellness. Lactic acid bacteria (probiotics), fructooligosaccharide, and dietary fiber contained in the tea also help support gut function!
EASY TO DRINK: 8.5 oz (250ml) of water and 1 stick ★ For a strong taste, pour 6.8 oz (200ml) of water. In order to enjoy it with a more carbonated feeling, drink it with carbonated water. Cold water between 41- and 68 degrees Fahrenheit works best, but it also tastes good even with hot water. When drinking hot water, be careful of the carbonation rise.
PORTABLE & SOLUBLE: Comfortable drinks to carry 1 stick ★ SUNMANC Kombucha dissolves in 3 seconds even in cold water 8.5 oz (250ml). Very simple and convenient, easy to drink Kombucha in daily life.