Pack of 6, Korean Bibimbap Dried Vegetable Mix | 구례삼촌 영양 나물비빔밥 믹스 6종


Korean Bibimbap Veggies Dried Vegetables Mix Korean Food, Assorted Korean Traditional Namulbap Pantry Herbs, Radish Leaves, Aster Scaber, Thistle Gondeurae, Chwinamul, Mustard Greens

PREMIUM BIBIMBAP VEGGIE MIX - (6) individually packages for Radish Leaves(30g), Aster Scaber(25g), Thistle Gondeurae(25g), Chwinamul(30g), Mustard Greens(25g), Mulberry Leaves(30g)

KOREAN INSPIRATION with PLANT-BASED NUTRITION - 100% natural dried vegetables take you to calm and peaceful Korea with balanced plant-based nutrition as well as rich flavor and tastes.

NATURALLY HEALTHY FOOD - basically rich in vitamins and protein. It has low calories, so it is highly utilized not only for vegetarians but also for those who want to maintain a healthy diet.

EASY to COOK and STORE: can be cooked without having to boil or soak. Simply rinse the veggies and cook with rice. Even Good for camping and traveling.

VARIOUS RECIPES - can be used with a variety of foods such as green salads or noodles (pasta) depending on your favorites.