100% Premium Korean Origin Red Pepper Powder Chili Flakes (고추가루)

Type: Sauce

100% Premium Korean Origin Red Pepper Powder Chili Flakes (고추가루) is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

  • Spice Level: Medium (보통맛) / 1.1lbs
  • Flake Size: Coarse - Ideal for Making Kimchi (김치용)
  • 100% Premium Product of South Korea - Farmed, Dried, and Packaged in Korea (빛깔찬)
  • Made with Cheong Yang Hot Peppers - Grown in the famous region of Yeong Yang, South Korea (영양고추유통공사)
  • See and Taste the difference compared to other products that have Chinese origin

Bitggalchan Korean Red Pepper Powder is made by the Yeong Yang Red Pepper Trade Corporation. We use peppers that are exclusively grown in the Yeong Yang region (100% Product Origin of Korea), which has the perfect conditions for growing top-quality red peppers and has won numerous awards in agricultural product competitions. What sets apart Bitggalchan Red Pepper Powder from other brands is the meticulous care that goes into the entire process from farming to packaging. From the selection of the seedlings to the distribution to local farmers, quality remains a top priority. Once the peppers are harvested, each pepper is carefully inspected and washed thoroughly to remove any imperfections. The peppers are then dried in a proprietary continuous drying system that allows for consistent quality versus sun drying. The peppers are then milled and packaged. 

About the Region - Yeong Yang, South Korea 
With a population of 20,000, Yeong Yang is a typical region where the agricultural income consists of 90% of the entire regional income. It has absolutely no factories or pollution emitting infrastructure which allows its land to be clean and pure. The wide daily temperature ranges along with the inclined land create nutrient rich soil that is perfect for cultivating plants. 

About the Company - Yeong Yang Red Pepper Trade Corporation 
Yeong Yang Red Pepper Trade Corporation values the producing high quality agricultural products and continues to develop new technologies to challenge the red pepper powder industry despite the many difficulties. The company also focuses on creating a fair trade system to support the farmers and surrounding regions. While ensuring farmers are happy and able to maintain a sustainable life this also helps ensure the highest quality of the agricultural product.