Ethiopian Cold Brew [GIFT SET]


Gabe House Cold Brew Yegrina Healing Coffee uses only 100% premium Ethiopian green beans to reduce bitterness and burnt taste while maximizing antioxidant efficacy, make it low in caffeine and rich in minerals. Start your day with Gabe House Cold Brew, with health to augment your coffee. [가베하우스 예그리나 힐링커피 콜드브루]

How to enjoy Yegrina healing coffee: Americano, Cafe Latte, Coffee Ade, Coffee Affogato, Coffee Beer, Coffee Soju.

  • Healing Coffee Americano HOT/ICED: 1 packet Coffee + 150-180ml water
  • Healing Coffee Cafe Latte: 1 packet Coffee + 100-150ml milk
  • Healing Coffee Ade: 1 packet Coffee + 100-150ml citrus soft drink
  • Healing Coffee Affogato: 1 packet Coffee + ice cream
  • Healing Coffee Beer: 1 packet Coffee + 330ml beer
  • Healing Coffee Soju: 1 packet Coffee + 1 bottle soju
Gabe House Yegrina Coffee is a Patented Roasting Method That Has A Very Low Bitter Taste And Does Not Have A Sour Taste Unlike Other Cold Brews.