Master Hand Crafted Kitchen Knife 최용진 장인칼


9-Inch Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife - Hand Crafted by Korean Master of Blacksmith Choi Yong-jin. 최용진 장인칼

Master Choi Yong-jin became the first recognized master blacksmith of Korea in 1995. The engraved signature on his products is his confident guarantee and commitment to his work. While the world is using machine-made products, he continues to manufacture using the traditional way for more than 50 years. As he produced Korean traditional military weapons & tools for movies and dramas with historical research.

DUE TO HAND CRAFTING AND HAND FORGING - Imperfections such as scratches or scuffs may be present on the blade. These cosmetic imperfections do not impact the performance of the knife negatively in any way. Use with confidence.

  • HANDCRAFTED BY MASTER BLACKSMITH - Made and forged by Choi Yong-jin who was recognized as Korea's first master blacksmith.
  • STAINLESS STEEL - Hand-forged steel provides high-quality steel that is sturdy and functional for a long time.
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE - Wooden handle has the craftsman's name engraved and provides an ergonomic grip while in use.
  • MULTIPURPOSE KNIFE- Sharp edged knife is able to cut and prepare many different types of food items.
  • MADE IN KOREA - 9 Inch Blade