ACLIV Antimicrobial Apple iPad Screen Protector Shield Cover Compatible for iPad Air 10.9 Cellular, Shatter Resistant, Bubble-Free, Anti-Scratch, No Rainbow Effect, Anti Glare, Crisp Paper Texture

"ACLIV Anti-microbial iPad Screen Protector

ACLIV got the world's top three certifications including the ISO 21702, the CE Mark in Europe, and the FDA approval in the U.S. for its film ACLIV.
ACLIV Film is effective in reducing bacteria. Silver and Copper are proven materials for deactivating bacteria. Thus, the film reduces the ability of bacteria being transmitted through a surface being touched or handled by one person and then another.
It has been effectively tested against standard ISO21702 and JISZ-2801 & ISO22196 and provides excellent performance.

Feed the Crisp Paper Texture: a feeling close to that of paper for Apple pencil and iPad users
It is difficult to draw or write on the slippery surface of LCD(touchscreen) or normal clear film.
ACLIV screen protectors are specially designed for Apple Pencil and iPad users.
The special processing used for the film surface creates a feeling close to that of paper.
Feel just like you are writing and drawing on paper

No Rainbow Effect: 25MIC silicone adhesive coating process under IT level quality standards.
People often face the ""Rainbow Effect"" that causes the distortion of the screen color and images
Rainbow Effect happens when the tempered glass or cheap polymer screen protector
does not have a full adhesive all over the screen protector.
To eradicate the issue, the ACLIV protector keeps 25MIC silicone adhesive, while other products normally have 15MIC adhesive.
Besides, the adhesive coating process is conducted under high precision IT level quality standards.

Faithful to the Basics: Smudge-free, Anti-fingerprint, Shock-proof, dustproof, Vivid Light Transmittance
Thanks to special silicone adhesive, the film adheres to the screen surface automatically.
Air-Bubbles are removed naturally over some time.
More silicone adhesive makes the installation more comfortable and makes adhesion to the screen longer."