Auno Cane Sugar 320g

This Mineral Raw Sugar from Columbia is both tasty and healthy! Auno sugar is produced using only safe ingredients from the sugarcane raised in Columbia's Alpine climate in order to create a product that is healthy, eco-friendly, and hygienic. More specifically, the sugarcane that is used for this product comes from a specific farm in Columbia that only uses organic methods of harvest, which are the same methods that ancient Indians used in the past. This mineral sugar is not refined chemically in any way, and there is nothing included in it other than the sugarcane from Columbia, meaning that it includes natural minerals that a human body requires to function. In fact, Auno sugar has higher levels of certain minerals than powdered milk, truly making it suitable for all age groups and beneficial for the health of your precious children and family members. In Columbia, this sugar is consumed by those who require nutrients, it replaces sugar for the consumption of children, the elderly, and athletes, and it is even used as a traditional cure for colds. The flavor and scent of the sugar are also extremely high quality, making it a must for adding into the famous Columbian coffees. On top of all this, not only do we guarantee food products that consumers can trust and purchase, but our ultimate goal is to approach the public as an enterprise that improves with the feedback of customers rather than a company that simply focuses on selling products. Auno is an exclusive provider of this mineral sugar that everyone should include in their daily life for that extra sweetness of health.
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