AURA MAX Professional UV LED Light Gel Nails Curing & Dryer Machine w/ Nail Dust Vacuum & HEPA Filter Air Purifier - All In One Solution For Nail Salons


AURA MAX is a new high-quality automated nail care product that cures nails using UV-LED lamps, removes fine dust, and odors from the workspace. Luxurious design, touch functionality, and operation are convenient. The combination of the three functions of absorption, curing, and air cleaning provides excellent space utilization due to reduced cost and volume reduction.

Nail curing, dust vacuum, and air purifier all in one machine! The removable design allows for independent functionality.

HEPA H13 filter allows efficient and effective extraction of fine particles preventing dust from getting on nails. Usable as a standalone air purifier.

  • All In One Salon Solution - Portable, professional-grade nail salon dryer with a  nail dust vacuum and a HEPA filter air purifier allows professionals to save space at work.
  • UV-LED  Gel Curing - 365mm and 405mm UV-LED lamps allow for quick curing of nails up to 99 seconds to provide the perfect look.
  • HEPA H13 Filtration - HEPA filter and pre-filter allow for dust and fine particles to be filtered from the air while curing nails. Harmful, toxic gases are simultaneously removed.
  • Air Filtration Double Functionality - Can be used solely as an air purification system for a small room using HEPA Filters. Deodorizing and easy to clean.
  • Small Portable Design - UV-LED Gel Lamps can be removed from the bottom air filtration vacuum unit.