Aura Vita4Skin Honey Vitamin Shower Filter


Vita4Skin Shower Filter neutralizes chlorine and removes sediments like rust and water-soluble heavy metals from your shower water. This reduces build up in and around your bath and faucets to leave you with a cleaner, healthier rinse after each shower. Not only does it get rid of harmful elements - the filter contains Vitamin C, Honey, and Propolis for your skin, and aromatherapy scents in many options.

Chlorine removal, propolis, moisture, aromatherapy, and antioxidation.

Easy to install, no tools required. Lasts approximately 2 months (120L / Day)

  • Shower With Clean Water - Remove harmful contaminants to the skin such as Chlorine, sediments such as rust, and heavy metals from shower water.
  • Easy Installation - No tools required! Install to existing showers or faucets by simply screwing in.
  • Vitamin Shower - Take care of your skin by adding healthy ingredients such as Vitamin C, honey, and propolis to your shower.
  • Scented Aromatherapy - Scented shower filters allow for aromatherapy while bathing for relaxation.
  • Lasts About 2 Months - Replace every 2 months, approximately 120L of water per day.