Premium Korean Umami Furikake [GIFT SET]


Charmeal Hyul Premium Korean Umami Flavor 100% Natural Furikake Seasoning for Cooking Healthy Soups, Stocks, Stews, Rice, Snacks (NO MSG) 120g 3 Pack Gift Set is made with 100% Natural ingredients. Make your next dish centered around real authentic Korean taste with the best domestically sourced ingredients.

Korean Furikake 3 Pack Gift Set

Cook or flavor various dishes (soups, stews, etc) such as Rice Balls with delicious Korean furikake seasoning. Add to dishes for additional flavor.

  • 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Make your rice balls and sprinkle on top of your dishes with delicious 100% all natural ingredients. No MSG added.
  • REAL AUTHENTIC KOREAN TASTE - Perfect topping for your dishes and snacks for real authentic Korean flavor.
  • FLAVORED WITH PREMIUM INGREDIENTS - Flavored with Katsuobushi along with seafood and vegetables to provide the best umami flavor.
  • COOK OR FLAVOR VARIOUS DISHES - Seasoning that is used to create your favorite rice balls, sushi, or eaten as a snack.
  • MADE IN KOREA - 3 PACK (3 x 120g)