[Chefline] Black Rose Pressure Rice Cooker, 4.5L

Type: Cookware

[Chefline] Black Rose Pressure Rice Cooker, 4.5L is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

• High Quality Aluminum Pressure Cooker
• Saving Time, Easy cook
• 5 Step Safety Lock

Cook fast from the three layer stainless pressure cooker.

Excellent heat conductivity and heat preservation result in fast cooking as much as an electric rice cooker.

  • Pressure regulate device: maintain the same pressure.
  • Double push sticks safety vent: automatic pressure ejection in case of hyper pressure.
  • Safety marker pin: recognition of pressure level – Handle safety device (removal device of residual pressure): residual pressure is released when the button is pushed.
  • Safety device: pressure is released if every safety device does not work. Broaden the scope of use