Transparent Foldable Portable Table Mask

by P2J

Clear Transparent Sneeze Guard Folding Portable Plastic Table Divider Barrier is ideal for classrooms, offices, hospitals, cafes, and restaurants to keep people safe. Prevents the spread of germs through saliva and sneezing by providing a physical barrier between people. Easily cleanable, portable, foldable, and transparent. Big and small sizes available. Made with durable plastics to last a long time. MADE IN KOREA.

  • DURABLE MATERIAL - Made with clear, durable plastic that will last a long time.  Available in a small or large size.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE - Foldable design that is easily carried and stored.  Comes with 2 suction cups to keep guard in place.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Quick to disinfect and clean to make sure germs aren't spread as easily.
  • PERFECT FOR CLASSROOMS, OFFICES, HOSPITALS, RESTAURANTS - Ideal for high traffic areas to prevent the spread of germs.
  • MADE IN KOREA - SMALL ( 33" x 11.7") & LARGE ( 33" x  17.7")