COFILIA Jamfilia All Natural Fruit Jam with Real Honey


Jamfilia is made with only the highest quality fruits that are harvested fresh. NO added sugar, NO additives, NO artificial coloring, NO artificial pectin, NO Preservatives. This is a honey fruit jam that contains no synthetic additives perfect for the entire family especially kids or people who are trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Jams are made with fruit flavors and pigments can be purchased for cheap. The sweet and irritating first taste may be more tempting. However, if you are thinking about health, this is a health-conscious food that is 'food that my family can eat.

Cofilia was started in Nonsan, Korea researching healthy foods. We developed fermented coffee, black ginseng coffee, and fermented black ginseng.

Eat as soon as opening and store refrigerated. There are no preservatives in this product.

  • All Natural Ingredients - Made from fresh fruit picked right from the farm. Contains no added sugar, colors, additives, or artificial.
  • Healthy Eating For Children & Adults - We make jam with a mother's heart because we think of the children who eat it.
  • Various Flavors - Choose from either Grape Honey, Apple Honey,  Pear Bellflower Honey, or Strawberry Honey.
  • No Preservatives - Eat as soon as opening and store refrigerated.
  • Made in Korea - 200g