COFILIA Red Ginseng Syrup & Grounded Fermented Non-Roasted Black Ginseng Coffee Beans Premium Gift Set - Healthier Coffee Drink For The Body, HACCP Certified

Type: Coffee/Tea

Roasting coffee creates more caffeine while reducing the number of good nutrients found in coffee beans. We have fermented our black coffee so all those good nutrients are kept while reducing the bitterness so everyone can enjoy it. With ginseng together, this is a good healthy alternative to regular coffee.

Caffeine content is very low compared to roasted coffee. Caffeine stimulates the digestive system, causing heartburn, whereas fermented coffee is a drinkable coffee. Anti-oxidants, not the arousal effect of caffeine, can be used to experience fatigue and eliminate fatigue.

Comes with a syrup that contains Red Ginseng Extract for a good Korean healthy alternative to regular syrups.

How To Drink: Drip or use a coffee maker. This is not instant coffee and will not dissolve in water!

Cofilia was started in Nonsan, Korea researching healthy foods. We developed fermented coffee, black ginseng coffee, and fermented black ginseng.
FDA and HACCP certified.

  • Fermented Coffee - Good ingredients for the body are lost during the roasting process. Our coffee is fermented to keep polyphenols and chlorogenic acids at a high concentration.
  • Tastes Good With Lower Caffeine - Enjoy a healthy ginseng coffee beverage with a less bitter taste. People who are sensitive to coffee are able to drink this freely and enjoy it.
  • How To Drink - This is not instant coffee. Our coffee is pre-grinded, please brew using a drip method or a coffee maker. Does not dissolve in water.
  • Ginseng Syrup Included - Flavor your favorite foods with a healthier sweet syrup. Great tasting flavor made with red ginseng extract.
  • Made in Korea - 500ml Syrup, 200g Coffee Set