Danggims Roasted Korean Crispy Seaweed Snack Gift Set (Pack of 21),

3 Flavors (Original / Cheese/ Wasabi) Healthy, Low Calorie, and Tasty Korean Lavar Chips

[OVEN BAKING - More Nutritious & Tasty, Less Calorie] A light and delicious seaweed snack that is baked several times. Danggims is made by oven-baking unlike seaweed bugak, which is fried in oil.

[SHARING & ON-THE-GO] A collection of 21 individually packaged snacks. Each 10g pouch is a quick and crowd pleasing solution for all ages and grab a bag from 3 different flavors and snack healthy.

[VARIOUS FLAVORS] Enjoy 4 different flavors with Original, Real Cheese, and Wasabi.

[CERTIFIED MANUFACTURING PROCESS] Danggims Seaweed snacks are manufactured with patented manufacturing processed at HACCP approved facility which makes Danggims Seaweed chips more crispy and delicious.

[DELICIOUS & HEALTHY SEAWEED SNACK] Danggims is made with Silchi fish and premium laver in South Korea. Shilchi lives in shallow clean seawater and has much higher calcium content than anchovies!