Duolac Bio Guard Prebiotics & Probiotics Supplement Powder Sticks, Guaranteed 5 Billion CFU with Patented Dual Coating to Reach The Gut Alive for Immune & Digestive Support, Gut Health, 30 Sticks

Duolac Bio Guard Prebiotics & Probiotics Powder Stick - a revolutionary on-the-go solution for comprehensive gut health support. Crafted with precision and backed by the expertise of Korea's No. 1 Probiotics brand in Pharmacy channel, Duolac, this powerful supplement combines a CBT-Probiotics formula, patented dual coating technology, and essential nutrients to provide you with the ultimate digestive wellness experience.

Key Features:

Advanced CBT-Probiotics Formula: Duolac Bio Guard Powder Stick features an advanced CBT-Probiotics formula, delivering an impressive 5 billion CFUs reaching the gut alive. This dynamic blend supports a flourishing and balanced microbiome.
Immune-Boosting Essentials: Fortified with vitamin D and zinc, this supplement goes beyond traditional probiotics, offering comprehensive support for your immune system. Nurture your overall well-being with this all-in-one solution.
On-the-Go Convenience: Designed for your active lifestyle, Duolac Bio Guard comes in convenient powder sticks, allowing you to effortlessly incorporate your daily gut health regimen wherever your day takes you. The perfect travel companion for those who prioritize their digestive health.
Synbiotic Formula with Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium: Experience the benefits of a synbiotic formula that combines 55% lactobacillus and 45% bifidobacterium. Tailored to support both men and women, this blend promotes a harmonious microbiome.
Patented Dual Coating Technology: Witness the innovation of patented dual coating technology, ensuring the probiotics are shielded for optimal viability. This technology enhances the effectiveness of each 5 billion CFUs, delivering potent support for your gut health.

Duolac Bio Guard Pre & Probiotics Powder Stick - the epitome of science, convenience, and effectiveness for those who prioritize their digestive and immune support.
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