The Elixir Korean Beauty Fascy Attention Velvet Tint, Long Lasting Velvet Matte Tint Color with New S-Shape Tip, High-Pigmentation, Lightweight, Soft, Moisturizing, Cruelty Free


Korean Beauty FASCY Attention Velvet Tint, Long Lasting Velvet Matte Tint Color with New S-Shape Tip

Be in the Spotlight - Fascy Attention Velvet Tint

* Trendy S-Tip: Trendy S-shape tip draw out a stylish and sexy lips
* Maximize Pigmentation: Pigmentation outshine anyone in the room
* Matte Finish: Non-glossy finish makes a perfect lip shape
* Creamy Texture: Applying a layer of fresh cream on lips and feel the color touch
* Long-wear: Pigmentation last for long hours


* ROMANTIC WAY to BRING ATTENTION to YOUR LIPS - SOFT AND LIGHTWEIGHT COLORS: Our Fascy Attention Velvel Tint is a must-have item. Its adhesive formula with highly pigmented colors leaves a beautiful and even stain on your lips
* TWO DIFFERENT LOOKS, ONE TINT - GRADIENT LIPS or FULL COLOR: Soften the look of your lips by applying a gradient layer of color or go bold by applying a thicker layer across your lips.
* MOISTURIZING FORMULA - The formula that blends in the perfect balance of elderberry extract, witch hazel extract, agave americana leaves extract, macadamia seed oil, blueberry extract, blackberry extract, vitamin-c is what locks in the moisture. A single layer of color will get you through the day without drying out.
* TRENDY & PRECISION S-SHAPE APPLICATOR TIP - Our S-Shape applicator is designed to make it easy to shape and line your lips for a clean and perfectly applied lip. All it takes is one swipe. Our tip also makes it easier to get the gradient-lip-look.
* VELVET MAT LOOKS - The Formula fillings the lip wrinkles. It Creates Velvet lip looks by Covering Wrinkles & Absorbs Glossiness of the lips.