FASCY Lab Lacto Bubble Peeling PHA Face Scrub


FASCY Lab Green+ Lacto Bubble Peeling helps remove dead skin cells while having minimum irritation of the skin, Probiotics 4 complex gently exfoliates the skin and PHA helps reduce irritation while assisting the skin retain its moisture. Once a week use provides a way to keep your skin maintain its health. Great for use by sensitive skin with its gentle formula. Strongly recommended for those who are: looking for gentle care of dead skin cells, worried about makeup residues, who have rough skin texture, need control of skin waste + pores, or who want skin with vitality.

Made In Korea

  • ONCE A WEEK EXFOLIATION - Using  Lacto Bubble Peeling once a week maintains healthy skin, keeping skin in its best shape.
  • NEW GENERATION PEEL COMPONENT - PHA is a hypoallergenic peeling ingredient that provides effective exfoliation and improves skin texture without harsh irritation of the skin.
  • FOUR PROBIOTICS - 4 complex probiotics help nourish the skin and protect it from external stress giving dry, unbalanced, and sensitive skin relaxation.
  • SKIN IMPROVEMENTS - Immediate improvement of skin texture, skin keratin, and non-irritation.
  • EWG Green Grade- Suitable for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic so it is gentle on all skin types.