Skinny Drawing Eyeliner Pen


Fascy Skinny Drawing Liner, Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Pen, Long Lasting, Precise & Easy Application Makeup Eyeliner, Cruelty-Free

FASCY is a Korean’s representative character cosmetic brand that makes various products using patented cute and attractive Tina character. FASCY is making attractive cosmetics with a unique and differentiated design strategy. Though there are many simple designs, Tina can be found only in FASCY.

* Long Continuous Using: Ink tank-type liner will let you express your eyes until the last drop
* Various looks with fine hairbrush: A brush with fine hair will let you change the thickness of the drawing
* Stable to water and oil - Multi proof: Water-stable, oil stable, and sweat stable multi-proof eyeliner makes the expressive eyes without any smearing or smudging during the whole day.
* Easy wash-off: Easily removed with tepid water and gentle rubbing.