[FASCY] Tattoo Pen Liner (Black, Brown)

Type: Eyeliner

[FASCY] Tattoo Pen Liner (Black, Brown) - Black is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Fascy Korean Cosmetics Whole Day Long Lasting Pen Eyeliner
Quick makeup with Strong fixation and fast dry

  • COMPACT & POWERFUL COVER PEN EYELINER: Soft and Swift! Clear and Delicate!
  • COMFORTABLE in USING, EASY to DO a MAKE-UP: The Elastic arrow-head of the pen liner will let you change the thickness of the drawing line which let you minimize the eye irritation
  • POWERFUL MULTI-PROVE WITHOUT SMEAR!: Multi-type pen liner, water-stable, oil stable, sweat stable. Long-lasting make up without smearing. Easy removal without any pigmentation
  • DEEP & BRIGHT COLOR: Dark black soot makes a distinct line which attaches your eyes the expression
  • TRY ONCE, YOU WILL NEVER STOP!: Applicator with double cap and container for keeping inks provide products in the best condition for long continuous use.