Tattoo Pen Liner


Fascy Korean Cosmetics Whole Day Long Lasting Pen Eyeliner
Quick makeup with Strong fixation and fast dry

  • COMPACT & POWERFUL COVER PEN EYELINER: Soft and Swift! Clear and Delicate!
  • COMFORTABLE in USING, EASY to DO a MAKE-UP: The Elastic arrow-head of the pen liner will let you change the thickness of the drawing line which let you minimize the eye irritation
  • POWERFUL MULTI-PROVE WITHOUT SMEAR!: Multi-type pen liner, water-stable, oil stable, sweat stable. Long-lasting make up without smearing. Easy removal without any pigmentation
  • DEEP & BRIGHT COLOR: Dark black soot makes a distinct line which attaches your eyes the expression
  • TRY ONCE, YOU WILL NEVER STOP!: Applicator with double cap and container for keeping inks provide products in the best condition for long continuous use.