[FREEPARK] PVC Extra Large Baby Infant Plat Mat Foam Floor Gym Rug , Diamond&Chevron Pattern

Type: Baby
FREE PARK Baby Infant Plat Mat Foam Floor Gym Rug

 FREE PARK Play Mat provides a safe and comfy place for babies and children to play. The cushioned mat protects against hard falls when kids do what they do best. Approx. 20 Lbs Mat is sturdy so they work well on hardwood floors or carpets. Kids of all ages love the vibrant colors, and in no time they’re identifying numbers and images from the pictures on the mats.

Babies and children can play on the soft floor surface from birth to school safely. It is waterproof and easy to clean: just wipe with a soft damp cloth for food and drink. It is also perfect for reducing noise and impact, and a great insulator for all floor surfaces.
  • Baby Kids Safe Materials
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Cute educational alphabet letters/images
  • Gender-free design for boys and girls
  • Protects little knees & hands from hard flooring
  • BPA & Toxin Free means no nasty chemicals or smells