[FREEPARK] Non Toxic Bumper Bedding Mat

Type: Baby

[FREEPARK] Baby Play Mat with Fence Bumper Mat

[FREEPARK] Bumper Mat provides a safe and comfy place for babies and children to play. The cushioned mat protects against hard falls when kids do what they do best. Approx. The Elixir Eco Green Bumper Mat is a transformable mat catering to stressed-out parents. It is a convertible play mat. It can also be used as a ball pit for toddlers, a comfortable sleepover mattress for both big and small visitors.

This mat can be used as a bumper bed for newborns first and then utilized as a playmat when the child has grown. The high guard helps keep the child away from hazardous places in the house. The material used is water-repellent, which is can be easily cleaned by wiping it down.

Reliable Material and Manufacturer: made of Premium PU and PE Foam and made in Korea
Water-resistant and easy to clean
Gender-free warm cream color for boys and girls
Protects little knees & hands from hard flooring
BPA & Toxin Free means no nasty chemicals or smells

  • EXCEEDS CPSC & CPSIA STANDARDS: 100% toxin-free, odorless & anti-slip for safe sure-footed play, Made in South Korea
  • VERSATILE & TRANSFORMABLE: You really do not need a lot of space with the bumper mat. All you need is a small spot and a creative mind, and your bumper mat will turn into anything you like it to be - baby cot, playpen, playmat, ball pit, a tunnel, a fortress, and a house!
  • WATER-RESISTANT AND CREASE RESISTANT: guaranteed to stay looking new, easily wipe away drool & spit-up
  • SAFETY, SAFETY, AND SAFETY ... Phthalate Free, BPA Free, Lead-Free, Latex Free, Formaldehyde Free, EVA Free
  • EXTRA THICK for ULTIMATE SAFETY: 1.5 inches thick to provide the safest cushioning for your child