Korean Organic Seasoned Seaweed Furikake


Gimdaegam Korean Seasoned Laver Seaweed Stick Snack Packets are a simply delicious snack for on the go! Simply eat one stick at a time as a snack or use as toppings for your favorite foods such as soups, noodles, or ramen. Organic and HACCP certified, this is a great way to have a delicious snack for low calories. Perfectly travel-sized for carrying on your next climbing, fishing, or camping trips.

Have delicious food for your entire family!

  • Organic, low calories - A healthy snack for both kids and adults! Eat for a midday snack or as a low calorie option to chips.
  • HACCP Certified - Our product is equally as delicious as it is safe.
  • Snack or as a topping - Eat as a topping to your favorite foods or as a nutritious snack alone.
  • Travel Sized - Perfect on-the-go travel sized sticks to have a delicious snack anytime, anywhere.
  • Made in Korea - Seasoned Laver 7 Sticks Pack