Graphene Cloth Face Mask [BLACK] [3PACK]


Breathable, comfortable, reusable, and washable masks for all ages. Keep cool and wear all day long with this fashionable Graphene fiber face mask.

Graphene is coined by combining "GRAPHITE," which means graphite, and suffiexes, which mean molecules with carbon double bond format in chemistry.

Graphene's excellent heat function provides 99.9% aromatic and deodorization rate even in humid environments, inhibiting the reproduction of various germs, fungi, bacteria, and house dust mites and maintening cleanliness through sterilzation, thereby reducing the risk of allergies.

Phytoncide is a substance emmitted by plants & trees and generally means the aroma of the forest. "Phyton" means "plant" in Latin, and "cide" means to exterminate. Phytoncides are produced to help plants & trees protect themselves from harmful insects and germs.

Made In Korea

  • PHYTONCIDE SCENTED - Emmitted by plants & trees to protect themselves from harmful insects and germs.
  • COMFORTABLE - Made with a comfortable, breathable Graphene fabric that keeps cool. Good for all day wearing.
  • FASHIONABLE - Comes with a printed design to make a fashion statement while keeping your nose and mouth covered.
  • VARIOUS SIZES -  Comes in a small, medium, or large size for an exact fit.