Korea Wando Natural Crispy Seaweed Gopchang Gim Nori, Premium Savory & Chewy Korean Food Traditional Dried Seaweed Sheets Raw Unroasted Seaweed Snacks, Rich in Iron and Potassium (50 sheets)

The Wando Island Gopchang Seaweed is created using only the freshest seaweed from the Wando Island Ocean, which not only provides a soft and savory flavor but also allows the refreshing scent of the ocean to be experienced with every bite. This seaweed is named after gopchang for the twisted shape of the seaweed. This texture provides a chewy texture along with a sweet flavor, earning this seaweed a place in one of the most luxurious types of seaweeds there is. Another factor that makes this specific seaweed so special is its exclusive, 20 days production period. Unlike other seaweeds, which can be harvested and produced throughout the year, this Wando Island Gopchang Seaweed is produced only for 20 days between the end of October to mid-November. And not only is it exclusive just for its period but the harvested goods for the production of this seaweed are done exclusively in the oceans of Wando Island, guaranteeing the freshness and taste of the Wando Ocean. Lastly, during its production, the Wando Island Gopchang Seaweed is dried well, eliminating the soggy flavor that is usually present in seaweed, and by minimizing the ratio of green laver and only putting together the textured gopchang seaweed, the scent of the seaweed is stronger compared to that of other types of seaweeds, and even more so when it is roasted. Overall this product is harvested and created using only the freshest marine products of the Wando Island Ocean and the hygienic production line's goal of creating the cleanest and safest products for consumption combined makes this Wando Island Gopchang Seaweed a top choice for your purchases.