[KOYO] Korean Premium Ceramic Cooking Hot Pot Dolsot Bibimbap Stone Bowl with Trivet, 0.6QTR

by Koyo
Type: Cookware
The Elixir The Premium Stone Bowl is stoneware made from clay. Stoneware is defined as ceramics fired at about 1,100 °C (2,010 °F) to 1,300 °C (2,370 °F) and glazed. "Stone Bowl" is the common North American name for this type of bowl, directly translated from "Dol Sot" bibimbap.
  • Stone Bowls are made to be porous to retain heat for a longer time. Our Premium Stone Bowls are not permeable to water, though still breathable, because they are made with finer clay and glaze-fired twice using natural glaze.
  • It is much more durable and long-lasting compared to regular stone bowls.
  • Stone Bowl is good not only for Bibimbap but also for soups and stews
  • Stone Bowl Size: Small Bowl: diameter: 7.25", height: 2.75", volume: 0.6 quart (561 ml)
  • Lid Size: Small Bowl Lid: 6.5", height: 2"
  • Trivet Size: Small Trivet: length - 8.25", height - 1"