Ari-Gym Core Fit Ball Chair


MENFURS Ari-Gym Core Fit Ball Office Chair is an excellent alternative to a regular chair in your office or home. An exercise ball chair that functions both as gym equipment and a chair using a stand, it allows for engaging of the core muscles to help improve posture and balance. Included resistance band kit helps achieve full-body exercise workouts at home without an actual gym. With a variety of colors, the Ari-Gym Core Fit Ball can be used as a stylish interior accessory. Use in your home, office, workplaces, or at your desk to exercise while sitting to correct posture and strengthen your core.

  •  STYLISH DESIGN - The cover design uses the seamed design of a baseball and comes in a variety of colors. Made with an anti-burst exercise ball with a sturdy stand to create a stylish seat that looks good at home or at the office.
  • FUNCTIONAL EXERCISE OFFICE CHAIR - Replace your standard chair in the classroom, office, or home to use for various purposes such as stretching, exercise, or sitting. Allows for maximum productivity while leading a healthier lifestyle.
  • POSTURE CORRECTION - Gym ball chair allows for the balancing of the body while sitting to promote healthy backs, better body posture, relieve back pain, and strengthen core muscles that support the back.
  • INCLUDED RESISTANCE BANDS - Resistance band kit attaches to the bottom of the chair stand to allow for strength training. Included in the box are some example exercises that are able to be performed on this chair. Whole-body exercise available and convenient in any environment.