Mora Mora Premium Baby Towel Made From Korean Hanji Mulberry Trees - For Newborns, Babies, Infants, Toddlers - Hypoallergenic, Sensitive Skin , Soft & Absorbent

Type: Baby

Mora Mora Baby Towels are made with Korean Hanji which is the inner bark of Paper Mulberry, a tree native to Korea that grows well on mountainsides. 60% Mulberry, 40% Rayon. Hypoallergenic, soft, and absorbent. Perfect for newborn babies or toddlers that have sensitive skin. Eco-friendly. 1 Pcs Per Package. 35 INCH X 43 INCH square shaped towel.


  • FOR SENSITIVE SKIN OF BABIES - Silky and smooth texture premium towel allows for drying of sensitive skin and is gentle to the touch. Hypoallergenic and absorbent.
  • 100% VEGETABLE FIBER - 60% Mulberry, 40% Rayon. Made with real Korean Hanji for durability and softness.
  • PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT - Perfect gift for newborn babies, toddlers, or infants for their health.  Good for skin conditions like eczema or allergies.
  • SIZING - 35 IN X 43 INCH, 1Pc Per Package