100% Organic Pomegranate Juice (70ml x 30 Pouches)


NEW DAY 100% Organic Premium Pomegranate Juice, No Sugar, No Water Added, Not from Concentrate, Unsweetened. Healthy Asian Korean Drink for Women, NFC Juice (70ml x 30 Pouches)

100% ORGANIC POMEGRANATE JUICE: squeezed from fresh Organic Turkish pomegranates, a popular ingredient among women for female and beauty care.

PREMIUM NFC JUICE: NFC (Not From Concentrate) is a technology that fills fresh fruit juice under low-temperature conditions after being pasteurized.

EASIEST WAY to TAKE POMEGRANATE: with the slim and convenient pouch, you can bring it anytime and anywhere and enjoy it as cold or hot tea.

100% POMEGRANATES ONLY: No Sugar, No Water, Not from Concentrate. 100% squeezed organic pomegranate to preserve freshness.

MAGIC WOMEN DRINK: It has abundant with important nutrients (fiber, protein, vitamin C&K, etc). It has anti-inflammatory effects, may support blood pressure, exercise performance, and many more.