NOLAHOUR Spot Eraser Pimple Patches for Face for All Stages of Pimples, Face Patches, Hydrocolloid Patches for Faster Results, Dark Spot Patch Pimple Set (Set of 84 Patches)

Skin's Limited Absorption Capacity: Irrespective of product quality, our skin's inherent properties shield it against external substances. This limits absorption to a mere 3% of the ingredients

What are Micropoints & Microdarts?: Microdarts are made of hardened active ingredients that deliver deep into the skin increasing absorption to 80% for an effective and painless delivery

Step 1 - Onset troubles (9 patches): Overnight Relief for Onset Pimples. Contains microdarts that deliver 80% of soothing & calming ingredients deep within the skin for quick recovery
Step 02 - Cover & protection (63 patches): Ultra thin invisible cover for daily wear & protection. 100% Hydrocolloid to absorb gunk & prevent aggravation
Step 03 - Post-spot care & redness relief (12 patches): Brightening for post-pimple care. Micropoints deliver brightening ingredients to soothe redness & prevent scars or dark spots
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