Wando Dried Seaweed (20g*10pcs)

This pre-cut seaweed product is created from the fresh seaweed that was harvested in Wando. After and prepared in an organic way to guarantee their freshness and taste. Through this careful production, the pre-sliced Wando Seaweed can maintain the refreshing scent of the Wando Island Ocean and a soft texture that makes it easy for anyone to chew and consume. It is packaged in small, individual bags which contain 20 grams of seaweed each, which is around 3~4 servings in terms of Seaweed Soup. It is extremely versatile and can easily be used for several different types of dishes, such as seaweed salads, cooked seaweed dishes, seaweed soup, and more. Lastly, our production line for this product is focused on improving the future by producing products that cater to the needs of consumers rather than the convenience of the producers, and to actively pursue this goal, they brainstorm ideas and produce products that can be healthily consumed by everyone, guaranteeing not only the freshness and taste mentioned previously, but also health benefits and a guarantee of safe-to-consume products.
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