2-Step 7 White Flower Intensive Skin Care Mask Pack [BRIGHTENING]

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The Elixir Korean Beauty Intensive 2-Step Skin Care Full Facial Sheet for Dual Functional Synergy
(7 White Flowers Essence Ampoule with Face Sheets, Pack of 10)

Seven Types of White Flower Complex + Niacinamide + Adenosine

Seven types of white flower complex such as lotus, iris, white rose, white lily, jasmine, freesia, and edelweiss provide excellent skin protection and help to transform irregular skin tone into shine the skin tone through effective shining action. Niacinamide, a shining ingredient provides clear and transparent skin, while Adenosine, a skin improvement ingredient, helps to achieve healthy and resilient skin.

Esthetic Clinic Quality Intensive 2-Step Skin Care System

1st-Step [Seven Types of White Flower Ampoule] - Helps strengthen the skin's foundation to enhance the facial sheet effect in the next step.

2nd-Step [White Flower Essence Full Facial Sheet] - Highly-concentrated essential Cupra sheet provides intensive care by selecting desired skin improvement. The facial sheet tightly adheres to the skin for the effective transfer of active ingredients.

Intensive Skin Improvement Facial Sheet

Brightening Pack (Provides Vitality & Radiant - Contains Vitamin Complex, Quince, Lime, and Orange Extract)
- The essence transforms dark skin due to blemish into clean skin and five types of vitamin (B3, B5, B6, C, E) complex provide vitality to lackluster skin. Vitamin complex, quince, lime, and orange extract help to achieve lustrous skin tone through intensive care.