[Para Jeju] Jeju Citrus Oil Mist

Type: Skin Care

The Elixir Beauty Jeju Citrus Sticky-Free Jeju Citrus Oil Mist 1.65 Fl.oz. - Moisturizing & Elasticity, Made with Jeju Island Citrus
Citrus contains 4 times more vitamin C and various vitamin C components abundantly, and it is also excellent in moisturizing and antioxidant effects to improve skincare and fatigue recovery.

  • Made in Jeju Island, Korea, Made with Jeju Island Citrus Flowers and Peel Extracts
  • Ideal for Moisturizing, Controlling the Acne Skin, Antibacterial Effects
  • Makes the Skin Beautiful and Give Shine and Moisture to the Skin
  • Controls the Skin PH and Moisturizes the Skin
  • How to Use: After taking a shower, spray it on the whole body evenly and dap it.

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