Seoga Korean Herb 3 Years Bellflower Gift Set, Root Extracrt Jelly + Braised Bellflower Root + Bellflower Root with Soybean Powder, Good Source of Fiber, Potassium, Magnesium, Colds Cough Throat

This wonderful set that includes three different types of snacks made from Balloon Flower roots uses ingredients that were produced only in Gyeongju, South Korea. This product does not contain artificial additives, meaning that you can fully taste the traditional flavors of the natural ingredients. Before the actual production of each snack, there were about 100 hours of meticulous work that went into the process of cutting up the balloon flower roots, boiling them, drying them, and fermenting them before they were ready to be turned into the snacks we know! The three products included in this set are the following: Balloon Flower Glaze, Balloon Flower Root in Rice Syrup, and Soybean Flour Flavored Balloon Flower Root in Rice Syrup. The Balloon Flower Glaze was created by taking the juice of balloon flowers, then slicing up bits of the roots before turning them into a glaze together. The addition of root slices creates a charming texture of the glaze that's bound to have anyone hooked. The Balloon Flower Root in Rice-Syrup is a chewy and sweet snack made of cut-up roots of balloon flowers that let you enjoy the full flavor of the roots as you take each bite. Lastly, the Soybean Flour Flavored Balloon Flower Root in Rice Syrup is similar to the regular roots in rice syrup, except that they are covered in soybean flour, creating a combination flavor of Injeolmi, a type of rice cake, and rice syrup from the snack. Inside each box, there is 150g of the Balloon Flower Glaze and 70g each of the Balloon Flower Root in Rice Syrup and the Soybean Flour Flavored Balloon Flower Root in Rice Syrup. This product is also perfect for gift giving as it comes in 3 traditional-looking jars contained inside a sturdy box. You can also add traditional cloth in either blue, Burgandy, or brown as an extra product to add a special touch to your snack set.