Ceramic Tea Brewing Cup With Lid [2 SET]

by Koyo

Set of 2, Loose Leaf Tea Coffee Mug Teacup Set (2 x Cup, 2 x Lid, 2 x Infuser)

This is a professional teacup, makes a generous 12-ounce cup of your favorite tea. Suitable for all kinds of black tea, green tea, flower tea, and Pu'er tea.

1. When you are meeting in the meeting room, you can make a cup of strong tea to take in.
2. When you are reading a book quietly in the study room, you can make a cup of green tea to take in.
3. When you appreciate the outside flowers in your house, you can make a cup of jasmine tea with this teacup.

1. Choose the tea you like to drink and the boiling water.
2. Put a suitable amount of tea leaves into the filter and set in the tea body.
3. Pour boiling fresh water in. Normally speaking, we will not drink the tea for the first time make. We call the first time make is wash tea leaves. Someone may be wash twice or more.
4. Soak the tea leaves in the filter for a while(about 5-20 second).
5. Take out your tea strainer, you can put it on the saucer or lid. It's very convenience.