[The Elixir] 1.5 Mil Seal Seal Clear Flat Bags w. Suffocation Warning, 6 x 9 to 14 x 20 inch, 100 Bags


The Elixir Packaging 1.5 Mil Seal Seal Clear Flat Bags with Suffocation Warning, Pack of 100 - Resealable Clear & Extra Super Strong Seal for Clothes

Keep your clothes neatly inside with The Elixir Packaging’s clear bags during your every journey. Large and roomy for storage, you can put on the neat clothes and enjoy the holidays.

400pcs clear PE bags in 4 different sizes with adhesive closure are ideal for clothes shops or household use. With the reusable adhesive strap, you can peel and seal the bags several times.

* 1.5MIL STRONG & STURDY CLEAR PE BAGS - 100% PE material is sturdy and roomy for use, best to keep your T-shirt, woolen sweater, blouse, trousers, pants during traveling. No hassles to get access to your clothing at first sight when you open your luggage.
* TAMPER EVIDENT & QUICK RESEALABLE & REUSABLE ADHESIVE CLOSURE - With reusable adhesive closure, it’s easy to peel or seal to put in and out of your merchandise whenever you want. High-quality film for holding more articles.
* SUFFOCATION WARNING - To avoid the danger of suffocation, keep this bag away from babies and children. The suffocation warning message was printed in English, Spanish, and French.
* VARIOUS DIFFERENT SIZES for YOUR NEEDS - 6 x 9, 8 x 10, 9 x 12, 10 x 13, 11 x 14, 12 x 15, 12 x 18, 14 x 20 inch. (100 Each Size / Your choice)
* MULTIPLE USE - Perfect for retail stores, souvenir shops, couture, or toys shop. Keep your clothes inside from moisture or dust, would be the best protection to your clothes while traveling.


Warning of the bags: Keep this bag away from babies and children. Do not use in cribs, beds, carriages, or playpens. The thin film may cling to nose and mouth and prevent breathing.