Foldable Korean Gardening Hand Sickle with Saw


7.25" Blade Foldable Korean Style  Multipurpose Gardening Tool Weeding  Hand Sickle with Saw

This is a wonderful tool for weeding raised beds and other areas that require hands on weeding. The blade is super sharp, which takes a lot of the effort out of the job. This Korean style hand cultivator and weeding hoe is precisely balanced for one handed use. Super sharp manganese steel blade takes a lot of the work out of weeding. The wooden grip is comfortable for the user.

***You can take out the saw from the handle of the sickle.

How to keep your products safe
Use and remove moisture and retain rust resistant oil (edible oils)

  • COMPACT DESIGN - The Sickle is foldable and lightweight, 10 oz.
  • DURABLE AND STURDY - Because it is made using the same material as the spring used for the car lower body, it has superior durability than other products
  • MULTIPURPOSE GARDENING TOOL - Grooming, Elimination of Weeds, Wool Trimming, Tree Pruning, etc.
  • DIMENSION: 14.5" Overall Length, 7.25" Blade length, 10.5" Overall Saw length