Premium Hand Care Pack

Beauty Premium Hand Care Pack
  • GLOVE PACK EXCLUSIVE for HAND CARE: Hand glove pack for tough and tired hands from external factors provide soft and moist hands full of natural energy
  • WHITENING FUNCTIONAL COSMETICS: Niacinamide ingredient provides brighter skin, nutrition, and vitality
  • CONTAINS HIGH-MOISTURIZING INGREDIENT: Highly moisturizing ingredients of shea butter and argan oil, help to achieve smooth and shiny skin
  • CONTAINS NATURAL EXTRACTS: Natural extracts, such as Caulerpa racemosa, mother chrysanthemum, green tea, bracket fungus of the genus, pine mushroom provides moisture and nutrition to hands to achieve healthier skin
  • Various Quantity Available (Yor choice)
How to Use:
1. Wash the hands well and dry
2. Open the pack and carefully wear the glove-type pack so that it does not tear
3. After 20-30 minutes, remove the pack and gently massage the remaining essence for it to be absorbed
4. Use it 3-4 times a week and you will surely feel how softer and cleaner your hands have become
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