Fascy TikTok Eyeliner


The Elixir Beauty Fascy Korean Cosmetics Patented TikTok All Day Long Lasting Waterproof Smudgeproof Pen Eyeliner. Delicate Eyeline with Continuous Dexterity!

  • PATENTED CONTAINER with ENHANCED CONVENIENCE: The patented container that can make your makeup routine fast and easy (Excellent Industrial Design Awarded in Korea)
  • EASY WASH-OFF TYPE: Due to a light formula that does not irritate that eyeliner can also be used by those who have sensitive skin around the eyes. It can be easily removed with wet tissue without leaving any residues.
  • EASY DRAWING: Soft and high resilient tip helps beginners easily draw the line since it is easy to adjust the thickness and make a delicate look
  • MULTIPROOF + LONG-LASTING: Water, Sweat, and Oil resistant multi proof eyeliner makes the expressive eyes without any smudging or smearing during the whole day
  • TRY ONCE, YOU WILL NEVER STOP!: Applicator with double cap and container for keeping inks provide product in the best condition for a long continuous using.