Peptide Collagen Solution Cream Mask Pack [SAMPLER]

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Skin Planet Peptide Collagen Solution Premium Cream Facial Sheet for Moisturizing, Revitalizing, Hydrating, Elasticity with 100% Natural Tencel Sheet (Pack of 12, 4 of Each Packs)

Amino Solution Cream Facial Sheet

  • Revitalizing: It contains 17 amino acid complex ingredients that replenish skin with moisture and nutrients.
  • Anti-aging Skin: Amino complex ingredients get readily absorbed into the skin, achieving a firm, taut and younger-looking skin.
  • Moisturizing Care: Hyaluronic acid and shea butter keep skin smooth and dewy for a long time.

M-NMF Solution Cream Facial Sheet

  • Remarkable Moisturizing Effect: containing natural moisturizing factors and is a skin-friendly, highly-moisturizing ingredient designed to maximize the benefits of NMFs.
  • Revitalizing: Aloe vera leaf, green tea, and witch hazel water extracts calm irritated skin
  • Gloss and Glow-boosting: Ceramide protects the skin barrier and gives glowing and radiant skin

Peptide Solution Cream Facial Sheet

  • Improved Firmness: Peptides contain both quality proteins and essential amino acids vital to skincare, get absorbed into the skin as proteins and are safe for skin
  • Fortifying Skin Barrier Function: Peptides protect and fortify the skin barrier to soothe and keep the skin healthy and firm
  • Remarkable Moisturizing Effect: prevents moisture from escaping by regulation or replenishing skin moisture, keeping skin smooth and dewy for a long time.