Vacuum Sealing Storage Bags


Store clothing, bedding, blankets, and other items more efficiently! Using vacuum sealed bags reduces the amount of space occupied by compressing it, allowing for more organized and efficient storage. Double zip seal design with an open/close air valve. Use a hand pump or a vacuum to suction air. (Pump not included).

Vacuum sealed bags, built-in hanger bags, and also rolling type bags (does not require vacuum, just store and roll the air out.). for traveling are available.

Please note the option configurations to ensure you purchase the right sizes.

Hanger Large - 26" x 43" Hanger Bag (3)
Hanger Large + X-Large - 26" x 43" Hanger Bag (3), 26" x 55" Hanger Bag (3)
Large + X-Large - 33" x 30" Bag (4), 43" x 39" (2)
Small + Medium - 23" x 19" Bag (6), 27" x 23" Bag (4)
Rolling Small + Medium + Large - 13" x 15" Bag (2), 16" x 19" Bag (2), 23" x 22" (2)

  • Space Saving - Save space in your home or closet when storing items away for safe keeping.
  • Zip Seal - Double zip seal design keeps away air so maximum space is saved during storage.
  • Use for clearing up space in your home, or while traveling compact!
  • Air Valve Technology - Attach a hand pump or a vacuum to remove air from bag, valve keeps bag sealed tightly.
  • Use Vacuum or Separate Pump For Sealing, Compatible with Most Hand Pumps
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