[The Elixir] Facial Lifting Belt

The Elixir Beauty  V-Line Face Chin Neck Facial Skin Lift Up Belt Mask
1. Anti-aging Wrinkle Free Face Lift Up Mask Belt: Skin Friendly, Excellent Effect!, Durability!
2. Easy to Use: Just wear for 30 - 40 minutes while reading a book, using a computer, etc
3. Tightens up the Face and Neck, Lifts up and Minimizes the Face & Neck Line!
4. Size: Adjustable Belt fits for Most
5. Material: 3 Layered Structure (Nylon + Neoprene + Nylon)

How to Use
1. Wash your face clearly
2. Wear the Ana Rex V-Line about 30 to 40 mins until the face is moist with sweat.
3. Wash your face again

1. Stop using this item temporary if there is a lesion on the skin
2. If you have any problem with the jaw joint, do not use this item or see your doctor first.
3. Do not apply this item for a long time