Daily Dewy Natural Collagen Essence Mask Pack [COLLAGEN]

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Beauty Intensive Care Solution Daily Dewy Natural Collagen Essence Full Facial Facial Sheet Pack Sheet, 7 Day Care Solution [Wednesday - Smooth (Gold)]

The Daily Dewy Facial Pack is a 7-day intensive skincare solution for different skin conditions that vary daily.

SUNDAY - VITALITY (Bird's Nest): On Sunday, when you prepare for the week ahead, moisturizing and nutrient-rich swiftlet nest extract will refresh and re-energize your skin.

MONDAY - SHINE (Black Pearl): As you start a new week, black pearl extract will shine your Monday and give you smooth and glowing skin.

TUESDAY - NOURISHMENT (Horse Oil): On Tuesday, when you work a lot of overtime, nutrient-rich horse oil extract will help your dry and rough skin stay hydrated for a long time.

WEDNESDAY - SMOOTH (Gold): On Wednesday, when you are stressed out, the gold extract will shining dull skin complexion and smooth out uneven skin tone.

THURSDAY - MOISTURE (Aloe): On Thursday, when you feel heavy with fatigue and have to go to dinner meeting after work, richly moisturizing aloe vera extract will help your skin stay hydrated and feel comfortable.

FRIDAY - SOOTHING (Bamboo): On Friday, when you are supposed to eat out or drink with your friends, bamboo sap extract, effective at removing wastes from the body and dead skin cells, will clear and soothe your skin.

SATURDAY - ELASTICITY (Collagen): On Saturday, when you have some free time, collagen extract with firming and moisturizing effects will help your skin stay firm and hydrated.