[The Elixir] Safety Grip Protection Gloves


The Elixir Cotton String Knit Red Latex Dipped Front and Back Fully Coated Gloves, Nitrile Coated Work Gloves for General Purpose

The Elixir Red latex coated gloves are the most popular and widely recognized work gloves on the market. There are no competitor's gloves that compare to the quality and durability of these gloves. This glove has a red flexible latex palm and back of the hand coating over a durable knit.

Made of 100% Cotton and rubber-coated with red Latex
The Glove has a red flexible latex fully (palm and back of the hand) coating over a durable string knit
General handling and warehouse work
Reusable and Regular Weight

  • LATEX PALM/ FINGER COATED: resistance, increased grip, protection from rough edges and splinters
  • EXCELLENT COMFORT: Cotton material and fit small to medium hands
  • All PURPOSE: Construction, manufacturing, warehouse, plumbers, gardening, metalworking
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Made in South Korea