Intensive 3-Step Multi Hyaluronic Acid Full Facial Mask Pack [SAMPLER]

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Skin Planet Intensive 3-Step Skin Care Kit for Hydrating & Firming
(Multi Hyaluronic Acid, Amino Acid & Peptide) 

Sampler (5-Hydrating + 5-Firming))

Our 3-Step intensive firmness care kit to fill up moisture and fortify the skin barrier with moisturizing and deeply hydrating effects.

Esthetic Shop Quality Premium 3-Step Intensive Skin Care Kit by Skin Improvement Type, Hydrating or Firming (Sampler, 5 of Each Hydrating and Firming Pack Kit)

Step 1. [ Hydrating/Firming Eye Cream / 1.5ml ]
- Moisturizing soft texture helps get absorbed with no sticky feel, revitalizing the eye area. Functional eye cream containing natural moisturizing factors (NMF), oligopeptides, and adenosine that give soft and firm skin.

Step 2. [ Hydrating/Firming Full Facial Sheet / 25g ]
- Hydrating Pack: Intensely hydrating sheet whose low-to-high molecular multiple hyaluronic acids provide an intensive moisture supply to give glamorous skin and prevent moisture from evaporating, maintaining dewy and radiant skin for a long time.
- Firming Pack: Amino acids and peptide complex ingredients fortify the skin barrier and give smooth, firm, and younger-looking skin. This functional firming sheet contain moisturizing hyaluronic acid, making skin dewy and taut.

Step 3. [ Hydrating Sleeping Pack / 2 ml ]
- Hyaluronic acid and trehalose provide an intensive nutrient and moisture supply while you are sleeping so that you get dewy and firm skin tomorrow morning. Our functional sleeping pack has a natural protector ingredient that protects skin and keeps it healthy and clear.