Foldable Korean Gardening Sickle


9" Blade Foldable Korean Style Multipurpose Gardening Tool Weeding Sickle

This is a wonderful tool for weeding raised beds and other areas that require hands-on weeding. The blade is super sharp, which takes a lot of effort out of the job. This Japanese style hand cultivator and weeding hoe are precisely balanced for one-handed use. Super sharp manganese steel blade takes a lot of the work out of weeding. The wooden grip is comfortable for the user.

How to keep your products safe
Use and remove moisture and retain rust resistant oil (edible oils)

  • COMPACT DESIGN - The Sickle is foldable and lightweight, 10 oz.
  • DURABLE AND STURDY - Because it is made using the same material as the spring used for the car lower body, it has superior durability than other products
  • MULTIPURPOSE GARDENING TOOL - Grooming, Elimination of Weeds, Wool Trimming, Tree Pruning, etc.
  • DIMENSION: 16.5" Overall Length, 9" Blade length