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🌼 1 Mini Flower Tea & 2 Flower Tea Stick Gift Set 💐

This gift set consists of a mixture of the most popular products of KKOKDAM

1 Mini Flower Tea comes with a cute glass bottle

2 Flower Tea Stick is packaged by glass test tubes

It's a good composition to give as a gift

This gift set comes with a luxurious package box and shopping bag

Give this Korean fancy flower tea gifts to your beloved family, lovers, and friends


🟠 1 Mini Flower Teas : Marigold

‧ Marigold

Marigold grows well in warm temperatures from May to October. Marigold tea has a sweet scent and taste. The combination of yellow and orange flowers is very beautiful to look at

🟢 2 Flower Tea Stick : Mugwort & Korean mint

‧ Mugwort

Mugwort tea has a savory and light scent and is a flower tea that women like. It is recommended for those who want to taste the most similar flower tea to Korean traditional tea

‧ Korean Mint

Korean Mint is a mint tea with a cool scent and taste. Highly recommend it to those who like herb tea like peppermint. The cool scent and taste will refresh your mood.

All of KKOKDAM Flower Tea products are

Made in Korea/ NO Caffeine/ NO sugar NO additives/ 100% hand-made  

How to Drink Flower Tea?

🌿 Pour hot water into the tea cup to heat and clean the cup

🌿 Discard the water and put the flower tea stick or flower tea in the cup  

🌿 Pour hot water over 95 degrees again (300ml)

🌿 While the tea is brewing, block the top of the cup so that it is blocked from cold air.

🌿 Please wait for 2~3 minutes.

🌿 Enjoy the rich taste and fragrant of flower tea with yout eyes, nose and mouth.

💡 FYI, Flower tea has enough taste and fragrance, even if you brew it with 300ml hot water 3 times in a row

💡 One Flower tea stick can be brewed about 1 liter and it's enough for 3~4 people to enjoy the tea time