🦋 Butterfly Flower Tea Bag 

Butterfly Flower Tea bag is designed to look like a butterfly sitting on the top of glass.

It is the form of a tea bag with butterfly-shape holder, so you can drink it easily.

All of KKOKDAM Flower Tea products are made in Korea.

KKOKDAM provides 100% hand-made products with full of sincerity.

KKOKDAM does not add any food additives and provides a natural flavor.

🦋 6 Butterfly Flower Tea Bag Pink Gift Box 🎁 

Butterfly Flower Tea bag Gift Box is one of KKOKDAM's steady seller products 

This gift box consists of 6 kinds of high-quality Tea Bag.

Also includes cute butterfly tea bag holder inside of pack.

When you find a beautiful gift at a good price, Try this one!

Siberian Chrysanthemum 

Siberian Chrysanthemum flowers, which can be easily found in Korea in September which is known to be good for women and is known to warm hands and feet. The tea has a mild, flowery flavor similar to chamomile.


Acacia flower tea with a fresh scent and sweet taste is attractive.


Cockscomb flower tea has a soft fragrance and nutty taste with a beautiful red color.


Marigold Flower Tea, with its unique fragrance and sweet taste. Marigold is the most popular flower tea and is loved by all men and women of all ages.


Chrysanthemum flower tea with a fresh chrysanthemum scent and clean taste. Chrysanthemum is a good to enjoy daily tea and recommended for flower tea beginners.


Magnolia Flower Tea with a sweet scent and sweet taste. Magnolia is an attractive flower tea with a unique spicy scent.

How to Drink Butterfly Flower Tea Bag?

🍵 Please put a tea bag into the cup

🍵 Fix the tea bag with butterfly holder on the top of glass.

🍵 Pour hot water over 95 degrees (about 300ml)

🍵 While the tea is brewing, block the top of the cup so that it is blocked from cold air.

🍵 Please wait for 1~2 minutes.

🍵 Enjoy the rich taste and fragrance of flower tea with your eyes, nose and mouth.

How to Fix Butterfly Tea Bag Holder

🦋 Place the tea bag tag in the center of the butterfly holder.

🦋 Fix the butterfly holder to the top of glass.

💡 FYI, Flower tea has enough taste and fragrance, even if you brew it with 300ml hot water 3 times in a row

💡 One Butterfly Flower tea bag can be brewed about 1 liter and it's enough for 3~4 people to enjoy the tea time