BT21 Mouthwash [Jasmine+Rooibos] SET OF 4


BT21 Mouthwash - Single Size Mouthwash Capsules for Fresh Breath, Jasmine Flavored Portable Travel Mouthwash, Alcohol Free, Natural Ingredients for Bad Breath Treatments, BTS Autograph Printed Card KEEP AWAY to BAD BREATH: Enjoy clean mouth and fresh breath with mouthwsah. A perfect companion for attendee, bar hoppers, cigar smokers road warriors, outdoor adventurers, , coffee drinkers and world travelers! TRAVEL PORTABLE PACKAGING:Prepare for your road trips and vacations with no hassle! Our mouthwash capsules are great for airplane traveling and also for business trips, camping or hotel stays. You can conveniently put them in your pocket, purse, toiletry kit or carry-on! ALCOHOL FREE MOUTHWASH: Natural, food-grade ingredients. formulated with safe ingredients, no alcohol, no gluten, no chemicals, to ensure the safety of your mouth. LONG LASTING FRESH BREATH GO: deeply cleanses your dry mouth and helps fight bad breath without any overpowering sensation. It also features a refreshing jasmine or rooibos flavor to keep your fresh breath for hours! INDIVIDUALLY PACKAGED - BT21 mouthwash adopts a capsule design, each with 10ml content and 8 per box, which is convenient to carry. It is a travel mouthwash package that meets the size of airline aircraft or TSA approved travel mouthwash.